A B O U T  U S 



Here at Pixie Dusted Parties, we believe in authenticity, believability, integrity, and of course, lots and lots of pixie dust!

We strive to bring joy to each child we encounter and to create magical and inspiring memories made to last a lifetime!

Finding the right Princess Entertainment Company can be tiring!

There are so many things to consider, but here at Pixie Dusted Parties it is our goal to pay attention to each and every small detail in order to create magic for every single child we encounter! We know you will be convinced our princesses are the real deal, as all of our costumes are custom-made by "Fairy Godmothers" from all over the World, our performers our trained to look, act, speak, sing, and move exactly like the princess they are portraying and our props look as if they were plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale!



Every person who books a party with Pixie Dusted Parties helps us sponsor a child living in Tanzania through Compassion International! 

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to spread magic to a child all the way across the world!

So, to all who book an event with us, thank you for helping Pixie Dusted Parties make a difference!

If you would like more information on our sponsorship, please contact us at


Why Should I Book With Pixie Dusted Parties?

Are you looking for enchanting princesses who not only look the part, but are also trained in speaking and singing like the princess they are portraying?

Are you looking for performers donning beautiful custom-made costumes that look as if they've just arrived from a Disney theme park? 

Do you want to keep a group of 20+ children engaged for an hour or longer and be able to step back and have an uninterrupted conversation with your guests? 

Do you want your Party Princess to exemplify poise, charm, kindness, and humility for your little ones?

If the answer is yes, look no further; Pixie Dusted Parties is just what you've been searching for! 



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Hello everyone! Welcome to Pixie Dusted Parties! I’m Anna, the Owner and Founder of this magical little company! Aside from performing at birthday parties, answering your emails and calls, hiring the best princess performers in the area, creating beautiful props, restyling wigs, hand washing costumes, and polishing crowns, I’m a local actress in the DFW area and I also teach acting, singing, and dance at a local children’s theater. To say I have a passion for performance and for creating magic for little ones is a huge understatement. It’s my whole life!

I started this company back in the fall of 2015 because I wanted to provide my hometown with the same magical experiences you can find at the Disney theme parks. We focus on the minute details so that when your child meets our Cinderella at a birthday party and then takes a vacation to meet Cinderella in her castle at Walt Disney World, the magic stays alive. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to create the highest quality character interactions right here in our backyard!

And trust me, I know all about high quality, I lived it! I am a former face character performer for the Walt Disney Company! I previously worked for Disney Cruise Line and got the once in a lifetime opportunity to portray some of their famous characters in venues all across the Disney Wonder & the Disney Magic and travel to some of the most beautiful places in several different countries! 


Part of what makes Pixie Dusted Parties so special is that I use everything that I learned from my time with the Walt Disney Company and apply it to my company- from the extensive character training our performers go through (more on that later), to costume and wig upkeep, to the way my performers handle guest interactions. Something we hear a lot from our wonderful clients is that our performers are right up there with the wonderful women portarying these characters for Disney! Here’s a real review from a past client of ours: “Our guests go on and on about how fabulous these performances are. I have never witnessed such high quality outside of the Disney parks!”

So how do the performers at Pixie Dusted Parties truly know what makes a character performer “the real princess” in a child’s mind, rather than just a "woman in a costume"?


Just one of the many characters I got to spend a little time with onboard the Disney Wonder


Well, it's because Pixie Dusted Parties' performers are training with the same techniques that I trained with during my time with The Walt Disney Company, such as vocal animation, makeup application, and poses specific for each character they portray. No detail is left unnoticed, not even the color of their lipstick or placement of their pinky finger.


When booking with Pixie Dusted Parties, I assure you, you are receiving the highest quality and most enchanting storybook princesses in all of North Texas. Not only because our wigs and costumes are custom made from tailors all around the world (some of them are exclusive to Pixie Dusted Parties and cannot be found anywhere else), or because all of our actresses are musical theatre performers with beautiful voices, and not even because I have a background at Disney (though that 100% makes a difference)...

But because creating such unforgettable and magical experiences for your children and our passion for igniting their imagination is truly why we are the best at what we do! 


Sheacy | Rapunzel | November 2016


"We had such a magical, wonderful experience at our daughter's birthday. Rapunzel showed up and immediately begin engaging with the kids. My daughter was so surprised to see her and so excited! The service is such a tool for families of little girls."

Mary | The Little Mermaid | January 2017

"Fantastic! Ariel came to our daughter's Birthday party and she was the real live Princess at all times! She was so attentive to each child. One mom said, 'This is better than Disney World!' The ladies at the place who hosted said several princesses have visited in the past but this had to have been the best. Absolutely amazing!"


Julie | The Little Mermaid | January 2017

"It was amazing!!! There are no words to describe how happy our daughter has been ever since her party. Parents were raving about how professional Ariel was and the bond she had with each child. Thanks again for making her birthday so special!!" 


Christal | Wayfinder Princess | June 2017

"Moana came to our granddaughter's 4th birthday party today and she did an incredible job. She engaged with our granddaughter immediately and was very attentive to her the entire time she was there. We had her come before the party started so the birthday girl could have some quality time with her. She is a lovely person and has an incredibly beautiful voice. She and our granddaughter had a great time dancing and singing together. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Pixie Dusted Parties. You make many little girls feel very special. Thank you."


Ashley | The Snow Sisters | January 2018

We enjoyed the company of Anna & Elsa (Snow Sisters) at my 4 year old daughter's birthday. I cannot say enough good things. The girls were prompt, prepared, engaging, completely in character the whole time, fun & funny, and very professional. They were patient with chatty girls and gentle with the shy ones. They managed their time well and included as many princesses as possible in the fun. They looked beautiful and sang amazingly! It was perfect! Thank you so very much for making our daughter's birthday so special! Worth every penny!


Janet | Belle of the Ball | March 2019

I had a great experience with Pixie Dusted Parties! We hired Belle of the Ball for my daughter's Disney Princess themed party this weekend. She was absolutely AMAZING!! She was beautiful, stayed in character the whole time, had knowledge of everything Disney, won my daughter over, danced with the princesses, read them a story, sang songs from Beauty and the Beast, sang happy birthday to her, and crowned her princess!! Her singing was really phenomenal!!! Everyone complimented on how wonderful she was! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! It was certainly the most magical experience! Communication and booking was also very professional and timely. A great overall experience. I highly recommend Pixie Dusted Parties! (I never write reviews but I had to for this!)


Brenna | The Snow Queen | December 2020

I loved hiring this place for my daughters birthday; the communication was very quick and streamlined, I was able to do everything (book, plan, pay) via email. We hired the Snow Sisters and it was honestly the sweetest thing watching my daughter and family be so enamored. They dance, played games, read a story and kept them (and the adults) entertained the entire time; truly great and beautiful entertainers. I will definitely be using their services again; I even had contacted another company and the communication was non existent, so this place seems ahead of the competition.


* Names of children are omitted for privacy and safety reasons.// To view more glowing reviews please visit our Facebook page!