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C O V I D - 1 9  R E S P O N S E

Our COVID-19 Response:

Here at Pixie Dusted Parties the safety of our clients, their children, and our performers will always remain our top priority. Below you will find how we are currently responding to COVID-19 in our community:


* We are constantly reviewing guidelines set in place by the CDC and our local government officials. The response below is subject to change as new information occurs.

If you have any questions about any of the terms below, feel free to email us at 

Guests: We kindly ask that you please limit the amount of guests you are allowing into your home to under 10 and comply with the guidelines set in place by the CDC and local government authorities. Additionally, we encourage you to ask guests to sanitize their hands before coming in for a party and encourage guests to social distance. 

Masks: At this time we are leaving masks up to each individual client. If you would feel safer if our performers wear masks, we would be happy to send them in masks, and vice versa. We want to make you feel safe, so mask wearing is totally up to you!


Bookings: We will be taking a limited number of bookings each weekend to ensure our supplies and costumes can be properly cleaned and disinfected after each visit. With these new limited spots, we are expecting to book out the next few months very quickly. 

Sanitation: Before sending a performer to your event, we will be heavily disinfecting and steam cleaning each costume piece. Between events we will sanitize all party supplies in our baskets in the event that children might have touched them. 

Packages/Activities: At this time, we will not be offering craft projects or makeovers; therefore we are unable to offer The Plus Package and The Deluxe Package. Our in-person Package options at the moment are “Playdate with a Princess” or “The Classic Package”. Any activity that requires physical contact can be modified to prevent the spread of germs, such as our Dance Lessons, and a few of our themed games if the client prefers


Performers/Employees: All performers and employees will be taking temperature checks before being permitted to travel to events. Performers will be required to wash hands before and after traveling, and our performers will have hand sanitizer on hand and may be sanitizing throughout your event if not wearing character gloves (i.e. Belle or Cinderella). 

Deposit: At this time, we are still requiring a deposit in order to secure your date on our calendar, however we are making an exception to our no-refund policy if you and your family decide to postpone/cancel your event due to Covid exposure. We strongly recommending postponing your event rather than cancelling. Your deposit may also be transferred to one of our Virtual Packages, such as a Personalized Video Message or Fairytale FaceTimes.


Above all, by booking an event with Pixie Dusted Parties, the client agrees that the health and safety of their person, their children, and guests in their home/event space is their sole responsibility, and Pixie Dusted Parties is in no way responsible or liable for any possibility of exposure to illness.