P O L I C I E S  &  P A R T Y  


Policies and Party Etiquette

Please read Pixie Dusted Parties' Policies and Party Etiquette outlined below:

Read throughly, as your payment of the 50% deposit paid through PayPal serves as your agreement to these terms. 

If you have any questions about any of the terms below, feel free to email us at 

Performer Rights: If our performers feel at any time during the duration of the event that they are in a hostile or unsafe environment, the performer has the right to leave with full compensation from the client. Performers also reserve the right to refuse any and all services to the client if the performer feels they are being verbally or physically abused by any person(s) attending the event. 


Substance Abuse: If the performer feels unsafe due to person(s) under the influence of a foreign substance, that performer reserves the right to leave with full compensation from the client. If you are serving alcohol to adult guests, please keep beverages out of reach of children and away from our performers to ensure cleanliness of our high quality costumes. Smoking/vaping is strictly prohibited while our performer is present at your event. If smoking/vaping occurs during the duration of their visit, the performer has the right to leave with full compensation from the client. An additional fee may be applied in order to have our costumes professionally cleaned to remove the smell. 


Pets/Animals: For the safety of performers and guests, please crate or restrain any and all animals for the duration of your event. Pet owners will be held entirely responsible for any damage caused by their pets to the performer’s costumes. 


Weather Conditions: To protect against potentially unsafe weather conditions, Pixie Dusted Parties strongly recommends indoor events. Our performers wear the highest quality costumes and wigs and we cannot risk damaging them during an event. For safety reasons, our performers will not perform outside if temperature drops below 50 degrees or exceeds 85 degrees. Our performers reserve the right to not go outside (i.e. backyard, patio, balcony, front yard) if they feel conditions are uncomfortable or hazardous to their safety. 

If hosting an outdoor event, the client is required to have an indoor ‘backup’ venue that will be used in case of rain or other inclement weather circumstances that would prevent us from performing outside. If inclement weather occurs the day of the party preventing travel, we will be happy to reschedule free of charge based on existing availability. If no future date can be agreed upon, all payments shall be refunded in full. 


Performer Requests: We always do our best to accommodate requests for specific performers to portray your character of choice, however we cannot guarantee a specific performer for your event. All Pixie Dusted Parties performers are approved to portray a certain repertoire of characters upon hiring or during the training process. We are entirely devoted to character integrity, therefore we will not send a performer to an event in an unapproved character. If the performer is approved in the character you are requesting, we will do our best to accommodate that based on availability.


Children Participation: While the entertainer will attempt to maintain the children’s focus, we will not discipline or force unwilling party guests to participate. In the event of an issue, the performer will carry on as usual, so as to not disrupt the other participants. A responsible adult is required to be present during the entire duration of the event. Children (and their actions) remain the sole responsibility of their guardians at all times. If a child is being physically rough with a performer or other guests, the performer has the right to address an adult about behavior. 


No Outside Entertainment: Pixie Dusted Parties performers will refuse services if outside performers are present upon arrival, or at any point during the event. This does not include face painters, balloon twisters, jugglers, etc., however Pixie Dusted Parties should be notified if other forms of party entertainment will be present. Pixie Dusted Parties performers have the right to leave with full compensation from the client if performers from other character entertainment companies are present, unless agreed upon in advance. 


Final Guest Count: The performer is not required to provide extra craft supplies or party items above the number of guests confirmed in final stages of booking. The performer is only responsible for providing services for the guest count given. Please make sure to give us correct numbers so that no one is left out and notify us within 48 of event if you will be expecting more guests. 


Timing of Party Packages: Pixie Dusted Parties’ package pricing is based on the activities and quality interaction we provide rather than the duration of the performer visit. Any timeframe listed on our website is an estimate based on the time a package typically lasts in order for clients to plan accordingly. Activities are never rushed- performers will finish package at a natural pace that is usually determinate on the interest level and participation of children. In the event a performer feels they will finish all activities prior to the recommended time allotment, the performer will fill time to the best of their ability, but will not be held responsible to provide additional games or activities if they finish prior to the recommended time. 

Traffic/Unforeseen Delays: Please allow for a 10 minute grace period following the performer’s scheduled arrival time to account for traffic, unforeseen parking issues, or otherwise unavoidable delays. Please keep your phone near you prior to the performer's arrival, as a call or email will be made if we expect to be running more than 10 minutes behind. Your performer will ALWAYS stay until all activities are completed. In the (never before experienced) event a performer does arrive after the 10 minute grace period, a partial refund will be applied via PayPal. 


Injuries/Illness: Pixie Dusted Parties is in no way responsible or liable for any injuries occurring to any guest during the duration of the event. Pixie Dusted Parties performers are strictly prohibited from holding or carrying children. If an adult is handing a child to performer or requesting the performer hold or carry the child, the performer has the right to deny their request. 

The client agrees that the health and safety of their person, their children, and guests in their home/event space is their sole responsibility, and Pixie Dusted Parties is in no way responsible or liable for any possibility of exposure to illness. 


Balance Payment: Pixie Dusted Parties requires the remaining payment in cash or check on the day of the event. We recommend having the remaining payment hidden in an envelope, in order to preserve the magic for all the curious little princesses. Payment can be made at any time during the party, however we recommend handing the mysterious envelope to the princess upon her departure. Clients are required by law to pay for services, and legal action will occur if performers are denied final payment. 


Copyright: We are not affiliated with any copyrighted characters or products; all Pixie Dusted Parties characters are generic representations of beloved fairytale characters designed to help bring your event to life. Should you need a licensed character or product at an event, we encourage you to contact the copyright holders.